Hroth Dun

Sturdy, strong older dwarf with salt and pepper hair who is a master blacksmith.


Occupation: Merchant, Blacksmith, Stonesmith
History: Renowned blacksmith of Thordun but left when his wife and child were murdered to escape the memories.
Appearance: Sturdy, salt and pepper haired dwarf male
Abilities: Powerful, brawny, hardy, and strong as an ox
Talent: Expert blacksmith
Mannerism: Tugs beard when annoyed or anxious
Interactions with others: Honest, Gruff


Hroth has been traveling for decades with Conrad’s caravan as the resident blacksmith and seller of metallic goods. He is a master blacksmith and his work is top quality. His apprentice is Jared Four.

With the murder of Conrad and his fellow merchants, Hroth is now the owner of the caravan and has hired a new group of merchants. Most of the caravan’s blacksmith duties fall onto Jared now.

Hroth Dun

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