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World Information

Available Races – The races to choose from in Torim
Kingdoms – The many kingdoms Torim is divided into
The Great Invasion – The war between Torim and the orc horde

Towns/Cities Visited

Carridoon – Starting town of our heroes

Our Heroes

Aurora Heartlilly (Elise)
Alder Pendragon (Chas)
Marlowe Tao (Danny)
Sheena Avalor (Ali)

Adventure Logs

Merchant Intrigue in Carridoon

Well-Known People

King Hassan Godwin – Ruler of Ardlun and a war hero who defeated Gor’ruk Vashna in single combat on the shores of The Dead Sea.
Chieftain Gor’ruk Vashna – Ruler of the orc horde which tried to conquer Torim.

Well-Known Groups


Main Page

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