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Torim is a huge continent with a varied landscape with many different kingdoms populating it. The setting of the campaign is High Fantasy where magic, both arcane and divine, is common.

A general layout of Torim:

North Torim
Cold and mountainous, north Torim is home to the Karkas mountains where north of them lies an inhospitable iceland and eventually the Frozen Sea. South of the Karkas mountains are many hills which eventually give way to lush forests and grasslands. A large river system runs from the Karkas mountains to central Torim.

Central Torim
Temperate and known for the many lakes, grasslands, and forests which connects the mountains in the north, desert in the south, forests in the east, and the islands in the west together. Many hills and plains exist here also.

East Torim
Largely covered by many different forests, including Quel’lien in the north, and grasslands next to the east coast and the Sea of Stars.

South Torim
Extremely hot, The Forlorn Plains and Sandune Desert separate most of the north from the Viegor Jungle which spans most of the south coast bordering The Dead Sea.

West Torim
Very similar to central Torim but much of the land is broken into large islands surrounded by the Everland Sea.

A brief recent history:

The Great Invasion

The start of your adventure:

You are beginning your adventure just outside the town of Carridoon within a large caravan traveling there. Carridoon is a northern town within the kingdom of Dorrinor, south of the Karkas mountains. Carridoon often does trade with the capital cities of Thordun, Bardenton, and Silun therefore making it a major trade hub of the north. Many different races filter into Carridoon from all over Torim. It is a large town with a nearby lake. Its roads are wide and paved with stone and the buildings are tall and made of wood. Every business imaginable exist in Carridoon. The surrounding area around the town is filled with rivers, small forests, and hills. North of the town quickly turns into the Karkas mountains while south leads to the nation of Sylon. West leads to the Quel’lien forests and east to the Havren Hills.


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