Zander Surefoot

A young halfling male with dark skin, brown hair, and many different piercings


Occupation: Merchant, Jeweler
History: Grew up on the streets with Gesh when they were children and became a large part of the local Thieves Guild until they ran away to make it on their own.
Appearance: Young halfling male with darker skin, brown hair, and many different piercings.
Abilities: Persuasive, agile
Talent: Speaks several languages fluently, keen eye for jewelry
Mannerism: Uses flowery speech, knows Thieves’ Cant
Interactions with others: Friendly, Curious
Miscellaneous: Best friends with Gesh


A young, dark skinned halfling, Zander is a persuasive individual who sweet talks the best out of people. He has a perceptive eye for jewelry and often notices it first on individuals. He’s best friends with Gesh who watches over him.

Zander Surefoot

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