Missing Children in South Carridoon


The group made their way down to the southern “suburbs” of Carridoon to investigate reports of missing children. Upon arriving in the small hamlet, they discovered that children had been disappearing from the area like clockwork; every Sunday to be exact. At this point in time, 3 children had been taken but one of those children had found their way back to the hamlet a week after her abduction. It had already been a week since the last child was abducted and another instance was due this very night, therefore the group decided to investigate the returned child and her family.

After knocking on the returned child’s house, the door was answered by the young girl herself who appeared to be about 9 years old. Her name was Jocelyn and she acted more mature for age and relatively odd. The child told the group her mother was in Carridoon and she had been left alone. The girl invited the group in and they investigated the house finding odd dolls and eventually markings under the child’s bed. Shortly later the mother, Addey, returned to the house and denied being in Carridoon at all. The mother revealed that the child had been speaking a strange language during her sleep. After looking around a bit more and asking questions of the mom, the group left to go investigate the other houses.

The other houses had no sign of struggle within the childrens room. However, the group found some light claw marks on the outside of one of the children’s bedrooms and attempted to follow the resulting trail into the woods. However, after about half a day search the group lost the trail and returned to the hamlet. Due to limited leads and information, the group decided to organize a stake out that night to both protect the remaining two children in the town and to hopefully catch the culprit.

The group convinced the two remaining families with young children to not leave for Carridoon and instead sleep over at one of the family’s house. The group setup their defenses and waited. Unluckily a horrible storm began that night and heavily obscured the area. Throughout the night odd happenings occurred, such as lights in the distance or neighbors and dogs trying to enter through the front door, but the group never opened the door or left the house. After awhile what appeared to be some invisible creature began breaking through the windows and trying to enter the house. With some quick thinking and further defenses set with beds and magic, the group managed to wound the creature and prevent it from entering the house. Afterwards it ran off into the forest.

The next day the group pursued the creature into the woods. Again they began losing the trail but suddenly they realized that magic had been obscurring their vision and they traced the trail to a small hovel in the woods. Outside the hovel was a fire pit with what appeared to be a small skeleton over it. After stealthily investigating the hovel, it was shown a Hag, clothed in the skin of her victims, lived in it. She appeared to have been stealing and eating children from the town. The group strategically broke into the house and fought the Hag in a violent magical battle. However, the group succeeded in subduing the Hag and questioned her. It was revealed that the Hag had eaten ALL 3 of the children and that she had sister Hags who would revenge her. They group disposed of the hag and quickly hurried back to the town.

Once at the town, the group told the town what had happened to the children and confronted Addey and Jocelyn privately in a house. The group convinced Addey that Jocelyn was either a Hag or some dark manifestation of the Hag’s power. They took Addey and Jocelyn to Carridoon and turned Jocelyn into the guard, warning them about the circumstances. The guards paid the group for solving the missing children issue and for killing the Hag.

Afterwards the group headed to their inn and met with Hroth who had assembled a new trade caravan. The caravan consisted of two twin elves name Kaira and Kairo Lorel and a cheeky halfling named Zander who had a dragonborn friend named Gesh. After meeting the new caravan, the group prepared to leave for Whitestone the next day.


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