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  • Hroth Dun

    Hroth has been traveling for decades with Conrad's caravan as the resident blacksmith and seller of metallic goods. He is a master blacksmith and his work is top quality. His apprentice is Jared Four. With the murder of Conrad and his fellow merchants, …

  • Jared Four

    A quiet, kind man who left his home town after tragedy struck it. He met Hroth on the road who offered to teach him to be a blacksmith. Jared is now Hroth's apprentice but a strong blacksmith in his own right.

  • Kairo Lorel

    A tall, no nonsense elf, Kairo is the twin brother to Kaira Lorel and often is the one who keeps her in check and punishes her for the things she does.

  • Zander Surefoot

    A young, dark skinned halfling, Zander is a persuasive individual who sweet talks the best out of people. He has a perceptive eye for jewelry and often notices it first on individuals. He's best friends with Gesh who watches over him.

  • Gesh

    A young silver Dragonborn who typically doesn't get involved in situations and mostly just watches over Zander. However, when called for Gesh will end arguments and physical exchanges with quick efficiency. He has a love for strong drink and is best …

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