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  • Hroth Dun

    Hroth has been traveling for decades with Conrad's caravan as the resident blacksmith and seller of metallic goods. He is a master blacksmith and his work is top quality. His apprentice is Jared Four. With the murder of Conrad and his fellow merchants, …

  • Jared Four

    A quiet, kind man who left his home town after tragedy struck it. He met Hroth on the road who offered to teach him to be a blacksmith. Jared is now Hroth's apprentice but a strong blacksmith in his own right.

  • Kairo Lorel

    A tall, no nonsense elf, Kairo is the twin brother to Kaira Lorel and often is the one who keeps her in check and punishes her for the things she does.

  • Zander Surefoot

    A young, dark skinned halfling, Zander is a persuasive individual who sweet talks the best out of people. He has a perceptive eye for jewelry and often notices it first on individuals. He's best friends with Gesh who watches over him.

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