Carridoon is a large northern town within Dorrinor, just shy of the Karkas mountains. Carridoon is a major trade hub which deals with most of the major cities in western, eastern, northern, and central Torim. Many different races filter into Carridoon from all over Torim because of this.

Near the city is a lake and an old cemetery. The primary roads in the city are wide and paved with stone and the buildings are tall and made of wood. Every business imaginable exist in Carridoon. The city is ruled by a ruling council of all the guilds. However, the Merchant’s Guild is the most influential guild on the council due to the nature of Carridoon. Almost all decisions lean their way and tie breakers always do.
The surrounding area around the city is filled with rivers, small forests, and hills. It is relatively peaceful and the roads coming and leaving Carridoon are often filled with travelers and guards doing trade with the nearby kingdoms. Bandits are not unheard because of this but tread warily due to the oft well-guarded trade caravans.

North of the town are the Karkas mountains, a relatively large mountain range. These mountains are well-known to be host to goblins, giants, and other unsightly monsters and beasts. However, these monsters usually stay isolated within their mountain homes.
West of the town eventually leads way to the Havren grasslands and hills. The land between though is not easy and often plagued by bandits or nomadic tribes who roam the hills and cliffs of the grassland. 
East of the town, after some ride, is Quel’lien Forest. None enter without express permission of the wood elves.

Parts of the City

The Slums – the western part of the city is mostly where the poor live. This has the worst taverns and businesses.
The Guild Halls – the southern part of city where all the primary guilds are located including the Merchant’s Guild.
Upper Class Living – the eastern part of the city where the higher class members of society live aka most high ranking guild members, government officials, guard officials, etc.
Judicial and Religious Area – the northern part of the city where religion and government reigns.

Places of Interest

The Laughing Maiden Inn (6)
The Lion’s Heart Pub (7)
White Horse Inn (9)
The Pig’s Keeper (3)
Aristocrat’s Rest (10)
The Tiny Toad Pub (5)

Temple of Helm
Mystra’s Library
Theater of Milil
Chauntea’s Garden

The Guard Barracks
The Jail Cells
The Armory

The Court House
The Gallows

Todd’s General Goods
Avon’s Smithery
Kirik’s Wood Carving
Boedamir’s Leather Shop
Ashna’s Apothecary
Zal’s Instruments

Grain House
The Mill
Lake Silver
Old Cemetery

People of Interest

Alexander Kor
Numo Farun
Shyan Vesp
Lady Anaka Versailles
Hroth Dun


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