The Great Invasion

About thirty years ago, a huge army of orcs came from across The Dead Sea and landed within the Viegor. The army was lead by an enormous orc chieftain by the name of Gor’ruk Vashna. The orcs quickly seized control of the jungle and the surrounding lands quickly and created a large encampment within the jungle. From there Gor’ruk and his orcs struck out against Ardlun in hopes of conquering Torim.

The orcs moved swiftly and brutally. Ardlun had little more than rumors of the orcs by the time their war band moved to attack. However, the people of Ardlun are an extremely hardy folk used to living in the harsh desert and plains. Rallying behind their King, Hassan Godwin, the people of Ardlun were able to hold back the orc horde for six long months while the other nations mustered aid for Ardlun. Even united the forces of Torim had difficulties fighting the orcs. It took over a year’s time to force the orc horde back to the Viegor’s boundaries where the Illeecian fleets trapped the orcs between the southern coast and the united armies of Torim. It was on the sands of the coast where King Godwin defeated Chieftain Gor’ruk in single combat to end the war.

Before the invasion no one in Torim had ever seen an orc before. Their natural strength and brutish demeanor on top of their inability to speak Common made the races of Torim think little of the orcs. Most orcs were taken as prisoners of war and held within Ardlun’s jails. However, after months in holding cells with nowhere to put them, King Godwin and his council passed laws making the orcs citizens of Ardlun and creating a rehabilitation program.

People have still not forgotten nor forgiven the orcs for their attempted invasion of Torim. Orcs are viewed as lesser citizens by most and are often turned away from business’s and sometimes towns altogether. Half-orcs are viewed even worse by some; as abominations. Because of this many orcs retreated to the harsh jungle they originally landed in and built orcish settlements within the Viegor.

The Great Invasion

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